Recovering From Mother

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Recovering From Mother - 6 Part Zoom

with Bret Rockmore & Marilyn Bradford 


Gaining clarity, letting go of guilt, oughts, shoulds and bewildering patterns that you haven't been able to shake from the one who brought you into this world.

This class is for everyone who has or had a mother, is a mother, or knows a mother. 
Living or deceased, the subtle influence of a mother is something that many have a difficult time getting beyond.

What’s working? What’s not?  

What undiscovered beliefs, patterns and problems are part of her legacy of limitation?

Yes – it’s complicated, few mothers are all good or all bad.
But what if you could have total clarity and ease for you?

What if you no longer had to function from your mother's reality?


6 Part Zoom Series: $600 (audio and video recordings are included) 

Facilitators: Bret Rockmore C.F. & Marilyn Bradford MSSW, MEd. CFMW

Special Guests on call #4: Recovering From Being A Parent 

  • Brendon Watt

  • Marnie Barranco 

  • Pam Houghteling


Special pop-in guest on call #6

  • Gary Douglas


Note: Register below and payment is for the class is on Marilyn Bradford's webpage here.  

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