Awakening Your Brilliance Zoom

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Awakening Your Brilliance Zoom


What do you know that no one else knows? What can you do that no one else can do? What can you be that no one else dares to be?


This class will contribute to you:

-Having confidence with putting your creations out in the world

-Having greater ease with inviting people to what you have to offer

-Creating the words to enable other people to find you and pay you

-Making lots of money doing and being what you uniquely do and be

-Being an inspiration to those who would like to do and be what you do and be

-Creating the change in the world you’ve always desired that only you can create


Is now the time to unleash your creative genius on the world?


Zoom: $50

Time/Date: Dec. 11th, 2018 - 1pm US Central Time

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Facilitators: Bret Rockmore C.F

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